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Coffee Program Agreement (Exclusively for Hotels, Casinos & Offices)

  • Client agrees to purchase a minimum monthly volume of coffee beans fromSuperhouse Cafe Corporation (SSCC) for a period of 2 years
  • In return, SSCC shall provide Client with coffee equipment on a loaner basis including free regular preventive maintenance
  • Client does not have to purchase coffee equipment which conserves cash flow

Preventive Maintenance Agreement

  • SSCC will provide monthly or quarterly preventive maintenance on espresso machine and grinder to include diagnostic and minor tune-up
  • One year agreement
  • Prevents downtime and loss of revenue.

Extended Warranty Agreement

  • SSCC will extend the normal one year parts and labor warranty to either 2 or 3 years except for wear and tear parts like rubber gaskets and O-rings, damage from negligence and improper use
  • Prevents downtime and loss of revenues

Service Loaner Agreement

  • SSCC will provide a service loaner machine for a fee to client to the extent espresso machine cannot be repaired within 4 hours. (Free during warranty period)
  • Prevents downtime and loss of revenue

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